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Mwg Ar-15/M16 90 Rounder~ Magazine


Buy Mwg Ar-15/M16 90 Rounder~ Magazine

We found a great deal on the Mwg Ar-15/M16 90 Rounder~ Magazine for only $124.00 at Brownells.

Precision built, ultra-high capacity, drum-style magazine allows extended shooting strings and plenty of shooting fun with your favorite AR-15 or M16 rifle. Made from extra-strong polycarbonate resin with a clear back cover so you can see at a glance the remaining rounds. Holds a maximum of 90 rounds of .223 Rem./5.56 NATO ammunition and is guaranteed not to jam or malfunction. Offset design keeps the weight of all rounds directly below the magazine well, so the balance point of your rifle remains unchanged. Very easy to load, includes a 10-round loading chute and stripper clips to help speed reloads. Mfg: Mwg SPECS: Injection-molded synthetic nylon, black. 1lb. 4 oz (.56kg) wt. empty. Includes magazine, loading chute, plunger, (9) stripper clips, nylon spacer and instructions.

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