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John Masen Ar-15/M16 Magazine

Buy John Masen Ar-15/M16 Magazine

We found a great deal on the John Masen Ar-15/M16 Magazine for only $19.99 at Brownells.

AR-15/M16 magazines with heavy-duty springs for stable loading, reliable following, and a long life. Formed, high-lubricity, black-polymer follower helps improve feeding. 5- or 9-round, AR-15/M16 magazine with an ergonomically contoured base pad that removes quickly and easily for fast cleaning and maintenance. 7075 aluminum, hardened to Mil Spec T6, keeps feed lips strong and effective for a long time. Mfg: John Masen SPECS: Fits all AR-15 and M16, .223 Rem./5.56mm

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