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Choate Ar-15/M16 Pmag Coupler

Buy Choate Ar-15/M16 Pmag Coupler

We found a great deal on the Choate Ar-15/M16 Pmag Coupler for only $23.99 at Brownells.

Heavy-duty, steel magazine coupler clamps together two Magpul PMAG 30-round magazines for rapid reloads without shifting your trigger hand or fumbling to remove a spare mag from a belt pouch. Staggers the magazines, so the spare is positioned parallel to the mag in the gun with the feed lips facing up, so the mags can be used as an improvised bipod. Polymer spacer ensures a snug, rattle-free connection. Hefty steel bolt ensures consistent tensioning force for a secure coupling of PMAGs. Mfg: Choate SPECS: Steel clamps, Parkerized finish, black; polymer insert; steel bolt. Holds two 30-round, .223/5.56 x 45mm PMAGs. Instructions included.

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