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Thermold Ar-15/M16 Magazine Charger

Buy Thermold Ar-15/M16 Magazine Charger

Brownells has a pretty good price on the Thermold Ar-15/M16 Magazine Charger, for only .99.

Compact, economical, easy-to-use loader snaps on the top of an AR-15/M16 magazine to save fingers and thumbs from the beating they take from loading mags by hand. Slide individual rounds on the included 10-round stripper clips, insert a loaded clip in the loader, then push down on the top round to insert all 10 without misalignment or damage to the bullet tips. Includes three, 10-round stripper clips; additional stripper clips sold separately. Mfg: Thermold SPECS: Zytel nylon, black. Kit includes one loader and 3 stripper clips. Fits all AR-15/M16 type .223/5.56mm magazines.

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