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Command Arms Acc Rifle Magazine Loader

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We found a great deal on the Command Arms Acc Rifle Magazine Loader for only $12.99 at Brownells.

Easy-to-use loader snaps over top of detachable box magazine to help you quickly and efficiently insert rounds without pinching, bruising, or cutting fingers and thumbs. Lets you load up mags fast, so you spend more precious range time shooting. Wide thumb pad provides plenty of leverage to compress the magazine spring, even when close to full capacity. Quick-release tab locks into mag catch notch to prevent unwanted movement during loading. Fits any .223/5.56mm or 6.8mm magazine for AR-15/M16 and Ruger(R) Mini-14(R), as well as STANAG-compatible mags. Rugged, molded polymer construction with a textured, no-slip surface. Mfg: Command Arms Acc SPECS: Molded polymer, black. Fits any capacity AR-15/M16, STANAG-compatible, and Ruger(R) Mini-14(R) magazines in .223/5.56mm or 6.8mm.

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