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Wilson Combat Ar-15/M16 Tactical Trigger Unit

Buy Wilson Combat Ar-15/M16 Tactical Trigger Unit

Brownells has a pretty good price on the Wilson Combat Ar-15/M16 Tactical Trigger Unit, for only 9.99.

Drop-in trigger module fits any mil-spec small-pin AR-15 and delivers a light, superbly crisp trigger pull right from the box, with no adjustment or fine-tuning. Crisp, 4-lb. pull is safe enough for tactical operations and combat, yet light enough to ensure an ultra-clean break that’s closer to a bolt action than a typical tactical rifle. Exceptionally short, positive reset gets you back on target and ready to take the next shot almost instantly. Unique hammer geometry keeps weight to a minimum for ultra-fast lock time, yet provides plenty of kick to ensure reliable ignition, even on hard military primers. A secondary “rescue” sear grabs the hammer if the primary sear fails Mfg: Wilson Combat SPECS: Trigger/Hammer/Sear Hardened tool steel, matte gray finish. Housing Aluminum, anodized, matte black. Fits AR-15 with .154″ trigger and hammer pins. Includes two .154″ pins and installation instructions.

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