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Brownells Ar-15 Magazine & Pouch Kit

Buy Brownells Ar-15 Magazine & Pouch Kit

The Brownells Ar-15 Magazine & Pouch Kit can be found at Brownells for $46.64, which is a pretty good price.

Our 30-round AR-15/M16 magazines are made to the exacting standards of the U.S. Military and the Customs Department. Brownells design team spent hours on the range testing and retesting these magazines to ensure the best, most reliable magazine on the market today. When every shot counts-in combat, on the hunt, during a match-you need and expect perfection. No jams, no hang-ups, no non-deliveries. Our magazines deliver. Period. These magazines are guaranteed to meet the highest standards in the business-yours!Carry your spare mag securely in our tough, new, shock-resistant polymer magazine pouch. The rigid, form-fitting pouch body grasps the magazine tightly but keeps it readily accessible for fast reloads in combat or competition. Adjustable tension screws prevent the magazine from rattling or falling out and eliminate the need for awkward flaps that can snag on clothing, slings, or other equipment. Patented Tek-Lok belt-clip system prevents the pouch from shifting on your belt but makes it easy to clip and unclip from belt. Setscrews let you configure the pouch height and carry angle. Ambidextrous design. SPECS: Magazines – Aluminum body, MIL-STD hard-anodized, dry-lube coating. Chrome silicon spring. MIL-STD plastic follower. Pouch – Injection-molded polymer, matte black. 3-5⁄16″ (8.4cm) high, 3-7⁄8″ (9.8cm) wide, 1-5⁄16″ (3.3cm) deep.

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