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Trijicon Ar-15/M16 Acog Ta47 2.0×20 Scope

Buy Trijicon Ar-15/M16 Acog Ta47 2.0x20 Scope

Brownells has a great price on the Trijicon Ar-15/M16 Acog Ta47 2.0×20 Scope, at only $946.9.

Lightweight, Compact ACOG, with the exclusive Bindon Aiming Concept (BAC) for quick, both eyes open, aiming. Mounts on the AR-15 carry handle without modifications; allows use of standard issue sights. Dual illumination; fiber optic rod with glowing amber tritium illuminates the aiming Triangle (Tri) in bright daylight and low light. Mfg: Trijicon SPECS: Forged 7070-T6 aluminum housing, black, anodized, coated lenses. 5.3″ (13.4cm) long, 5.8 oz.(164 g) wt. 2.0X magnification, 20mm objective lens. Adjustable for windage and elevation.

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