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Trijicon Ar-15/M16/Ar-Style .308 Ta33 3×30 Acog Scope


Buy Trijicon Ar-15/M16/Ar-Style .308 Ta33 3x30 Acog Scope

Brownells has a great price on the Trijicon Ar-15/M16/Ar-Style .308 Ta33 3×30 Acog Scope, at only $1036.99.

Lightweight, compact ACOG combines ample 3x magnification with Bindon Aiming Concept (BAC) for quick, instinctive, both-eyes-open aiming-perfect for a patrol rifle or military carbine. Battery-free, dual illumination system uses a fiber optic rod and glowing tritium lamp to illuminate the reticle in bright daylight and low light. Available with two reticle styles. Amber Chevron reticle resembles an upside down “V” and provides the benefits of a triangle reticle while covering less of the target. Also available with Green Horseshoe reticle with a single center dot. Clamps securely to a flattop receiver with the integral base. Available in two models, with a choice of a bulle Mfg: Trijicon SPECS: Forged 7075-T6 aluminum housing, matte black anodized; coated lenses. 61/8″ (15.6cm) long. 11.8 oz. (334g) total weight. 3x magnification, 30mm objective lens. Adjustable for windage and elevation. TA33-8 – Amber chevron BDC reticle calibrated for .223 AR-15/M16. TA33G-H Green inve

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