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Advanced Armament Accessory Mounting Rail

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The Advanced Armament Accessory Mounting Rail is only .99 at Brownells these days, which seems to be a pretty good price.

Picatinny rail provides quick, secure mounting for accessory lights, vertical-foregrips and aerosol spray canisters. AR-15 – Bolts to existing handguard holes. Compatible with mil-spec handguards for M16A2 rifles and M4 carbines (including double heat-shield styles). Does not require alteration to handguard. Mini has a single cross slot for attaching one item. Extended add multiple accessory attachment points to carbines and rifles. HK UMP – mounts to existing hard-points cast into the sides and bottom of the receiver on UMP submachinegun and USC semi-autos. Mfg: Advanced Armament SPECS: Aluminum alloy, hardcoat anodized, black, matte finish. Supplied with all mounting hardware, tools, and installation instructions. AR-15 Mini and Extended fit standard carbine handguards with 6 vent holes and no heat shield, plus M-4 carbine with 7 vent holes and double heat shield. L

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