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Dreamplastics Ar-15/M16 30-Round Magazine Coupler


Buy Dreamplastics Ar-15/M16 30-Round Magazine Coupler

The Dreamplastics Ar-15/M16 30-Round Magazine Coupler can be found at Brownells for $16.99, which is a pretty good price.

Durable, corrosion-, weather- and impact-resistant reinforced nylon coupler lets you carry two 30-round mags on your weapon for super-fast reloads. Securely clamps the backup magazine to the one in the gun for fast access in competition or combat. Steel cross-bolt provides plenty of tensioning force for a secure, rattle-free grasp of both mag bodies. Deep surface ribbing gives you a solid, non-slip purchase, while rounded outside edges resist snagging on clothes and other gear. Installs in seconds with a standard slot-head screwdriver; no permanent alterations to magazines. Models available for popular polymer 30-round magazines: Magpul PMAG and EMAG, Brownells AR-15/M16 magazines or other U Mfg: Dreamplastics SPECS: Glass-reinforced nylon polymer, black, with steel hardware. PMAG fits only Generation II PMAGs manufactured after July 2009 (see date stamp on mag body) with four exterior ribs and green follower. Follower can become stuck if USGI magazine coupler is over tightened. If th

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