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Tangodown Ar-15/M16 Arc Magazine

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The Tangodown Ar-15/M16 Arc Magazine is only .99 at Brownells these days, which seems to be a pretty good price.

The ARC magazine has a reinforced polymer body with unparalleled crush- and impact resistance, plus the latest features to ensure outstanding reliability. The top half of the two-piece body has straight walls and the optimal angle for reliable feeding, with a constant-radius curve in the lower half to aid in stable movement of the round stack. Molded-in reinforcing ridges, four interlocking tabs, and advanced, industrial-strength adhesive ensure that the joint between the halves is the strongest part of the body. Without a separate floorplate or lengthwise welded seam, the body forms an ultra-rigid, five-sided box that won’t fail when dropped free on hard pavement. Sealed body keeps ou Mfg: Tangodown SPECS: Injection-molded polymer, Black, Dark Earth, or Foliage Green. Fits AR-15/M16/M4, FN SCAR-Light, and M249 machine gun. Holds 20 or 30 rounds of .223/5.56mm ammunition.

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