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Brownells Ar-15 Sight Wrench

Buy Brownells Ar-15 Sight Wrench

Brownells has a great price on the Brownells Ar-15 Sight Wrench, at only $16.99.

Precision machined from tough, stressproof steel with square-profile fingers that grip the sight notches firmly and won’t “roll out”; provides easy, exact sight adjustment. Plus, they resist bending and breaking to give years of service. Deeply drilled body fits both issue and tall blade sights. An extra-nice touch are the hex-shaped bodies; they’re easy to grasp, easy to turn and won’t roll off your bench. Three tools: A1 five-prong and A2 four-prong fit front and rear sights. A1/A2 is double ended to fit both five-detent A1 and four-detent, square blade, A2 front sights only. Check out the video demonstration of the AR-15 Sight Wrench. SPECS: Stressproof steel, blue finish. A1: five-prong and A2: four-prong (adjusts front and rear). 1-3/8″ (3.5cm) long x ” (19mm) dia. A1/A2: 2 ” (6.4cm) long four-prong/five-prong front only wrench.

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