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Otis Compact Gun Cleaning System


Buy Otis Compact Gun Cleaning System

Brownells has a great price on the Otis Compact Gun Cleaning System, at only $39.99.

Everything you need to clean your firearm in one compact kit that includes Memory-Flex(R) cable rods, O85(R) Ultra Bore(TM) solvent, slotted tip, patches, bore brushes and other accessories. Carries on your belt. #110 kit for .17 thru .22 caliber, rimfire pistols and rifles. #210 kit for .17 through .45 caliber rifles. #211 kit for rifles and pistols, .22 through .40 caliber. #223 kit for .22 caliber centerfire rifles, including .223/5.56mm. #224 kit for the AR-15, fits recess in M16A2 buttstock. #308 Basic kit is for .30/7.62mm caliber rifles. #308 Sniper kit adds to the #308 Basic kit a suite of optic cleaning items, including lens cleaning solution, lens brushes, swabs, and cloth. Mfg: Otis SPECS: Black nylon carrying case, brass brushes, tips and handles. Cleaning solvent and patches. Plastic coated steel cable rods. #110 includes 34″ and 16″ plastic coated cable rods, two bottles of solvent and short, 11/4″ (3.1cm) long brushes. #210, #211, #223, #308, and #750

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